Universal Care Clinic


The Universal Care Clinic is a private family and general practice clinic located in the Kuningan area, at the very heart of Jakarta city.

Our senior medical practitioner, a born Indonesian citizen, who was trained in India, heads our Clinic, equipped with his vast experience in the medical field in Malaysia and more recently, Singapore.

At the Universal Care Clinic, along with an in-house pharmacy we offer evidence based primary healthcare services, ranging from general and family practice, treatment of acute conditions, monitoring and treatment of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, as well as certain emergency medical conditions, that can be taken care of at our clinic before referral to the nearest hospital.

Additionally we also carry out a wide range of general and executive annual medical assessment and certification, and also house/hotel calls, if and when required.

Here at our Care Clinic, what sets us apart from the ordinary is our introduction and practice of Integrative & Wellness Medicine for Living Well - Staying Healthy & Aging Gracefully. We take pride in our methods of blending conventional medical treatment with natural medicine, focusing on the nutritional status of the body as a whole, rather than merely medicating for each symptom a patient comes with.

Step into our new clinic at Epicentrum Kuningan – the business hub of Jakarta city, to experience the difference or feel free to call us, or visit our website to learn more about how we differ from the ordinary.

Live Well - Stay Healthy - Age Gracefully...