Christian Pepels

Managing Director

Multi-faceted Managing Director/Marketing with experience in operations management, business management, financial stewardship, and team leadership. Proven success in maximizing revenue, increasing retention, and identifying growth opportunities. Adept in performing within changing environments requiring focused decision-making. Instrumental in streamlining daily activities, introducing process improvements, and enhancing efficiency. Four languages: Dutch, German, English and French.

Dave Horan


Originally from Seattle, Dave is the Chief Strategy Officer of Revolution Holdings International Inc. out of Calabasas, CA and Director, US East Coast Operations at YSG Inc. based in Tampa, FL. Both entities service commodities requirements worldwide.
Dave graduated from West Point in 1991 and served his country in uniform for over 26 years, retiring as a Colonel. His assignments in uniform included service as a senior advisor for national security on President Trump's Transition Team and as Senior Director for Strategic Planning on the National Security Council. Dave also served in President Obama's Administration as the Director of Defense Strategy and Policy on National Security Council leading the nuclear weapons command and control portfolio, national missile defense of the homeland, and US government efforts to counter narcotics in the Western Hemisphere. In uniform, Dave also served as the Chief of Plans and Strategy for United States Forces Afghanistan and NATO, leading counter-terrorism operations in the region. Other positions in uniform include service as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of Staff of the Army. For over 4 years, Dave served as a War Planner at the United States Central Command.
Graduated with distinction from the United States Naval War College, earning a Masters in National Security Strategy and Policy. He also studied at the Harvard Kennedy School as a Senior Fellow for National Security.
Dave is a graduate of the US Airborne and Air Assault Schools, and received the Joint Staff badge, Army Staff badge, and Presidential Service Badge (2); A combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.