Michael Greenfield

Managing Director

Michael is originally from New York, and currently resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. Mr. Greenfield is a licensed securities broker (FINRA) with expertise in Fixed Income and Alternative Investments and has an extensive international background in large-scale project finance.
Mr. Greenfield is the former Director of International Operations for Formosa Plastics USA, Inc. and Nanya Plastics, Taipei Taiwan. He has extensive knowledge regarding PVC resins, polyethylene, and Polymer resins. He is also the former CEO of Instatel, Inc. and has a substantive knowledge related to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology business segment. He has conceived, funded and executed a country-wide IP satellite network for the country of Peru. In recognition of his accomplishments and business acumen, Michael was subsequently granted a telecommunications license from the Ministry in Peru, which in turn became the backbone carrier for MCI telecom and Starcom Communications within the country. Subsequently, Michael sold his company, Instatel, Inc. in excess of $35 Million Dollars.
In concert with his many business successes, Mr. Greenfield has been granted eight utility patents to date and one design patent from the US Patent office for safety devices. Michael was the proponent of two Legislative Statue changes in the State of Florida for Diver and Boater safety regulations, adopted into Florida Statute and approved by former Florida Governor Rick Scott. A noted presence within the South Florida philanthropic community, Michael serves as an Advisory Board (Finance) member to the Coalition of Hope Foundation, Inc., an internationally known, US-based 501-c(3) not-for-profit. Among their many global missions, COH has recently unveiled to the public their most ambitious project to date, “Project Excelsior”.
Project Excelsior seeks to establish a Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) coalition in conjunction with the United States and other interested nations. Utilizing a retrofitted, former U.S. naval vessel (a Tarawa-class LHA), a former cruise ship and other vessels, COH seeks to deploy state-of the-art hospital facilities, multinational medical personnel, extensive air-lift capability, heavy equipment and pre-positioned emergency supplies in support of catastrophic occurrence. The COH Foundation has extensively refined this initiative over a period of 12+ years, including reviews by members of the White House, the United States Congress, senior leadership at the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense, various (US) Agencies, key non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and other international stakeholders. There’s an immediate need for such capacity, and it is estimated that this valuable initiative will benefit in excess of 20 million lives.
Currently, Michael is working with MK Inc and its consortium members, on project-based funding projects within the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America. On April 19, 2022 the consortium, Consorcio Astillero de Manzanillo Unidos, was awarded a project to build out a large-scale shipyard in the Montecristi Provience, Dominican Republic. The project will create thousands of jobs through a hands-on job training program as well as a long-term program within the primary and secondary schools. In 2021, Armando Christian Perez, p/k/a Pitbull, joined MK as an owner of the company to promote job training and education. His success in owning SLAM schools in the United States will be replicated in the Manzanillo project.
The shipyard is strategically located in northwest part of the country, in the closest port region to the United States. The buildout will be in phases and when completed will have a projected cost of nearly $500 million USD. It will be a multiuse facility for yachts and cargo ships with their own safe and secure space. The location is a national security interest for the United States government. The project has the support of the US government from the White House, Congress and DFC as well as the State Department.